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by Simon Razniewski -
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Some common RMI issues

  • The package structure on the server side was changed now. All server classes reside in a
    "server" package. All client classes (for you most relevant: ClientCommInterface) reside in a "client" package.
  • There is a reported problem with implementing multiple interfaces using RMI. The chosen solution was to create a object inside that implements the other interface
  • There is a reported problem with using the same port for your local RMI-Registry (on your master node) as the one used on the lab teacher's server (1099). Try changing your port.
  • Make sure you use System.setProperty("java.rmi.server.hostname", YOUR_IP) at the beginning of both master and slave nodes, replacing YOUR_IP with the IP of the machine the code is running on!
  • A last solution is to move to TCP or UDP
  • Note also that the server code has changed, there are no more minus points for submitting a correct solution too late.