Textbook: Keynote Advanced

Additional material provided by the instructor 

Prerequisites: Module B2.2b or other certification B2

Course content English C1.1 (40 hours) & English C1.2 (40 hours)

Communication goals

Reading and listening comprehension (interpretive skills):

Students will be able to deal appropritely with different genre and registers; understand relevant spoken and written texts and jot down main ideas; extract information and opinions from relevant texts; retrace the organizational structure of complex text.

Oral production (presentation and interpersonal skills):

Ss will be able to produce various genre of speaking with appropriate registers; give an oral summary of complex information; describe in detail things, people and events; clearly define causal connections; give a well-structured presentation on complex topics using a logical structure (e.g. pros and cons); interact with a partner in order to discuss pros and cons, express one's point of view and make a valid argument and support it with relevant examples.

Written production:

Ss will be able to produce various genre of writing with appropriate registers; summarize complex information; compose relevant formal and informal texts; deal appropriately with different genre and language registers.


Review and consolidation of English grammar and advanced issues related to above skills.