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This course offers an introduction to Argentine tango for dancers and non-dancers, including how to dance tango, how to understand tango music, the importance of its lyrics, and how to interact in a tango community. The course recounts tango’s history from the 1800s to the present, including the politics of immigration and how the arts and cultures of Africa, Europe, and Latin America shaped tango’s development. The course examines how dance and music reflect and express individual and cultural identity, how current tango practice around the world affects health and well-being, tango’s role in the context of current cultural and economic issues in Argentina and Uruguay, and tango’s capacity to promote individual growth and cultural pluralism. Students dance, study music, read scholarly articles, and engage in class discussions and debates. The course celebrates multiple intelligences and encourage students to take ownership of their learning. Guest dancers, musicians, and historians from nearby tango communities help students understand and connect with tango’s expression in modern society.

Each time the class meets, we will dance, study music, and engage in class discussion. No dance experience is necessary, and people of all ages are welcome.

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unibz is giving great prominence to the development of an open learning environment (OLE), embedding new technologies in teaching and learning. Sergio Tessaris is a researcher of the Faculty of Computer Science with a long experience in using Moodle as a learning platform. He will talk about how a learning platform could help teaching activities and how it could affect the quality of the learning outcomes. Moreover, Tessaris – together with ICT colleague Daniele Frusone - will show the first steps to get in the Moodle platform of unibz, OLE.

If interested, please register here

We are pleased to confirm the forthcoming training on the OLE learning platform.

This platform is Moodle based and works in an open learning environment. It can help you in class to better interact with students.


A team of experts will guide you to use the platform:

-       Sergio Tessaris (Researcher, Faculty of Computer Science): How OLE can help your teaching activities and affect the quality of learning outcomes

-       Daniele Frusone (ICT): First steps


If interested, please register here

We will be glad to have you with us.

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