Exhibit design module is closely connected to Curatorial studies: theories and practices and intends to clarify methods and display strategies in presenting Fritz Rahmann’s work. As much of it has been contextual, documentary materials will play a major role in the exhibition. Therefore the module will focus on the handling of documentary in art exhibitions using original pieces by the artist but also re-producing photographic records, re-staging and re-inactment interventions/actions, showing archive videos and presenting sketches and notes. Besides, a series of readings, visiting curators and artists, and the visit of museums in the region will clarify technical matters in relation to exhibition making considering not only art museums, but also those of anthropological or historical matters. All these aspects will be examined and contextually put in practice along with all the other tasks the making of an exhibition requires (exhibition design, signage design, visual communication, curatorial assistant, loan administration, art handling and setting up).