This course will cover the topic of literacy in teaching English to young learners. The course will focus on analysis of and reflection on strategies for preparing young learners and very young learners for reading and written communication, including basic approaches such as phonic, whole word and language experience methods. The course will discuss creative approaches to texts, and changing them through transfer. The course will also offer practical techniques for integrating reading and writing in class, and their assessment. There will be a focus on the different text types suitable for young learners, including messages, labels, greetings cards, invitations, simple letters, signs, recipes, diaries, maps, cartoons, but also stories, non fiction, song and poem texts, and subtitles in films. Consideration will be given to comparing literacy activities as 4/6 offered in current primary English course books. The topics to be covered will include:  basic approaches to literacy.  types of texts for young learners  strategies for teaching literacy as a memory aid  designing lessons to integrate reading and writing skills  assessing reading and writing  reading and writing activities in different course books  creative writing  useful websites, interactive media and sources for reading and writing information and activities.