Banking and Corporate Finance (BCF) is designed to provide the student with an advanced background of the responsibilities, concerns and methods of analysis employed by corporate financial managers as well as of the role of banks and financial markets in financing firms. The course builds on topics previously covered in the mandatory second year class of Financial Analysis and introduces new topics. The main subject areas covered in the course are: Valuation techniques, Financial decisions and capital structure design, Payout decisions, Corporate Governance, Banking and Financial markets.

The course combines the latest academic thinking with hands-on business practice and its main goal is that attending students should develop by the end of classroom activity an expanded ability to analyse and think about sound financial management decisions, and to defend these decisions with analytical reasoning.

The regulation of BSc study program in Economics and Management requires that Financial Analysis must be completed before attending Banking and Corporate Finance. Furthermore, BCF is a third-year course of BSc program and attending students must have a good command of first and second year core courses. Finally, a good level of familiarity with a spreadsheet package such as Excel will help a lot to deal with case study analysis and financial computations.